Services For Business


From business planning, organizing your finances and even registering your business; the team at Regent Bookkeeping &
Consulting has the experience you need to get your business started on the right foot.

From startup through various stages of growth, we can help you with: hiring and managing employees, establishing the
office and staff schedules, we can even set up your ideal office space at home or another property. We can also provide you
with the ongoing training, support and other consulting services you need to grow your business and achieve your goals.


Business Planning

Having a solid Business Plan is key to your success. Like going on a trip, you have to have a destination in mind and a strategy for you’re going to get there.

From naming your business, registering and understanding rules and regulations in your industry, a business plan will help you get started on the right foot.

Hiring and managing staff

The right staff is key to your success. We can help you hire and manage your staff in a way designed to achieve the most positive outcome possible.

Organizing your Finances

From setting up your books to setting benchmarks and securing financing, learning to manage your finances is the most important part of being in business.

Registering your business

Understanding the differences between business types, rules and regulations and permits and regulations can be daunting. We’re here to help.

Provincial and Federal Tax Registration

Do you need to register for HST right away? Should you? Understanding the
when’s and how-to’s of HST Registration is very important.

Employee Management

Having an understanding of all the ins and outs of hiring staff will have major impacts on your business. Learning to manage your staff, take care of payroll and understanding the laws around employees is crucial to your business’ long-term success.